Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Quotes About Faith


When all your woes are all you see
When darkness shields your eyes

When hopelessness, despair and grief

Within you sadly lies

When all your dreams and hopes are lost

When doubt and fear take o’er

Then look within to find your way

As God lies in your core

The centre of all living things

That breathe and act and say

Lies God’s great wisdom, hope and faith

To guide you on your way

Away from all your dash-ed hopes

Your broken dreams and pain

If only you believe he’s there

You’ll find yourself again

Because you’re more than broken dreams

Than grief and woe and fear

There’s light and love inside you know

Just look you’ll find it here

Deep in your heart you’ll see God’s light

Its love, its caring face

You’ll realise there’s more to life

With God there’s peace and grace

Serenity, tranquillity too

You’ll find within your being

With God’s help you can clear your eyes

The truth you’ll soon be seeing

The truth is, that we all are one

We share God deep within

And a little faith goes a long, long way

If we’d only trust in him

The compass and the food he’ll be

To set a better way

For us to walk and find our dreams

A brighter, lighter day

A day that’s filled with all we love

Our dreams and hopes come right

Can be the life we all can live

If FAITH we hold to tight

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Brother Sean-Barefoot Franciscan Monk

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