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Name of Livestream Channel: ‘Cosmic Christ Reigns’

Name of Livestream Channel: Cosmic Christ Reigns’

The Rationale:

Following a period of prayer and deep soul reflection in my heart over recent weeks/months, I have been sensing that Jesus, the Risen Cosmic Christ with Magdalene, the Divine Feminine, have both been guiding my heart to take responsibility for my life and end my 6 year period of being in a spiritual wilderness. My lack of courage to step aside as the Founder of the Tau Community of St. Framcis back in 2010 when there was a sense of loosing a clear perception of how best to steer our spiritual family through the turbulent storms that caught me off guard where I knew that mt health was suffering as a direct result. So rather than resign then, I thought that I was being guided by God to persevere even though, ‘my internal walls of Jericho,’ were crashing upon me before everyone’s eyes, including my own. My reluctance to face my real self and deal with health and other issues, did not go unnoticed. God’s reality check soon empowered my heart to let go and hand everything over! There is a positive ending where I am now desperately reclaiming my ‘Divine Birthright.’

Recently, I have beccome aware that Jesus has been guiding my heart to celebrate my closeness with my, ‘I AM PRESENCE,’ within. There was a real sense that I was now entering another new chapter, similar to heeding the words of jesus and Francis back in April 2008 in Assisi, that instead of going out to embrace all beliefs by setting up the lay monastic community of Interspiritual Franciscans, I was to my spiritual life more fully by celebrating the 25th November 2012, ‘The Solemnity of the ‘Feast of Christ the King.’ Here I was clearly guided to launch a completely new Livestream channel dedicated to the, ‘Risen Cosmic Christ.’ That our Morning Prayers of Lauds from: 09.00 AM – Evening Prayers of Vespers from: 05.00 PM concluding with the 12 midnight vigil embracing Christ Consciousness. 

As from 05.00 PM Saturday 24th November 2012, our heart has been guided to cease going live on the Barefoot Franciscan Monk’s channel and the Franciscan Abbey of Peace and Compassion channel will both cease to allow for the new channel, ‘The Cosmic Christ Reigns.’

Sunday 25th being the Solemnity of Christ the King: I believe  this to be the precursior for the Cosmic Christ’s arrival into the Earth’s ethereal domain. From 25th of November, there are 26 days for every child of God to finalise their sacred contract as Heralds of the Christ’s Light.  thus supporting the end of the Picean / Liturgical Year (25-11-2012). By creating this new Livestream channel dedicated to the ‘Risen Cosmic Christ,’ we are heralding in the Christ Light for all God’s children.

Heart 2 Heart 2 Soul Annecdotal  evidence shared by The Beloved with Brother Sean

November 25, 2012, is the last Sunday of the liturgical year. The Christian Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King. This feast expresses the all-embracing authority of Christ as King and Lord of the Universe.This feast helps us to look towards our future and our ultimate future is when Jesus will return in glory.

This Solemnity is a newer feast in the Catholic Church. The feast of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 and is observed on the Last Sunday of the liturgical year as it helps us to meditate on Christ the King and Lord and also on the Second and Final Coming of Christ, the last Judgment, and the end of the world.

Why all the excitement?
The Feast of Christ as King is not only the offical end of the Christian Church’s Liturgical calender but I see it as being of greater spiritual significance for all God’s children on earth today. As John the Baptish was the precursor for Jesus’s ministry, so too is the feast of Christ the King another precursor for the Risen Cosmic Christ’s safe return on 21st December 2012.

So, why Advent, the 4 weeks leading up to the birth of the Christ child?

The word ‘Advent,’ literally means preparation. So the 4 weeks of Advent is a preparation for the coming Birthday of the infant Christ child where the members of the Christian Church would enter a time of spiritual reflections on the forthcoming Birth of the Christ child in Bethlehem, Judea or Israel as it is today.

As the Christian Church’s Liturgical Year ends officially on the 25th November 2012, the following 26 days leading up to the 21st December are meant to focus our wholehearted attention ‘Being Spiritually Ready,’ for the influx of the Cosmic Christ’s Light flowing into our ‘I AM PRESENCE.’

Since 1998, the Company of Heaven have continued to speak with many hearts during their numerous visitations to our earth plane. Their sole purpose has been to regularly invite the whole children of God to surrender their hearts to Christ Consciousness and that we should be ready for the appearance of the Christ Star on the 21st December 2012.

Once the celebrations of the Feast of Christ the King ends on the 25th November, this gives all mankind 26 days to spiritually prepare for the influx of the Cosmic Christ’s Light. Mankind will not have seen or heard anything that will prepare the soul to ‘Behold-Enfold-Hold and Listen’ to their ‘I AM PRESECE’ thus reactivating their soul’s DNA.

As a lay Catholic Christian Franciscan monastic contemplative monk, together with my fellow Franciscan brothers and sisters, we have been spiritualy preparing for this amazing event through our daily contributions on Livestream. Members of the Tau family join us for daily morning and evening prayers as well as our vigil for global peace and interfaith unity. Interestingly, from the 23rd October we have held a thirty minute slot from 12 midnight (GMT) inviting likeminded souls join us for quiet reflection concluding with a guided meditation with the Cosmic Christ and Magdalene. Our sole purpose is to recharge our failing batteries so we can continue be a ‘Vortex of Light,’ empowering God’s children make the necessary soul preparations for the influx of Light on December 21st. 2012.

Though many thousanfds of individuals have each been personally invited to come and sit with the Cosmic Christ at this spiritual table of many blessings each night, though only a few join us where we hold the Christ Light for the world to come and reawaken their hearts to this amazing love we are not disheartened. As my spiritual director, an enclosed Poor Clair Collettine Nun, reminded me back in 2008, ‘If we only touch one soul, then we have done the work for the Master.’

The Dawn of Aquarious begins on the Winter solstace –the 21st December 2012 but as the Liturgical Year for all Christians ends officially on Sunday 25th November. The following 26 days/nights will give every child of God the opportunity to reawaken their hearts to welcome the ‘Risen Cosmic Christ,’ on Friday 21st December 2012.

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