Monday, 12 November 2012



The Power Of Our Magnificence - Embrace & Send Love to the Storms

Magnificent - Magnificent - Magnificent!

Beloved ones, you wonder what is magnificent in this moment? You are - and you are puzzled. “Why and how could I be magnificent?” We tell you, in-spite of all your human flaws, patterns and judgements, that you are well aware of, you are all still magnificent beings, emanating enormous amounts of love and light.
Have you any idea how you can effect weather patterns and approaching disaster? Well you can, and we wish to inform you that you influenced the tsunami approaching the Hawaiian island’s greatly with your loving response and energy sent to embrace it on its path. Do you see how you influenced this great power with your love? Truly you have no idea what powerful and magnificent, we say again, beings you are.

Dear ones, it is truly time for you claim this inherent power of love within you and focus only upon this unconditionally loving force within yourselves and cells. It is really a time of a parting of the old ways of living. We see how easily some of you are so willingly and ready to leave your old life behind and that again is magnificent!
Seeing and being willing to look at your flaws is humbling and enlightening and part of your awakening, but it is not where we wish you to focus your energy any longer. As the storms of change are upon you we move forward into new and higher realms of conscious awareness. Let love be the focus of your new life. Let love be your guide. Let the love from your heart be shared freely with all. Let the compassion in your eyes comfort the wounded and help those in need. Not forgetting, first and foremost, to be compassionate towards yourselves.

We notice how many of you are always analyzing, criticizing and judging yourselves, the situation you are in, your words, actions and reactions. STOP - this beloved ones, this habit comes from the critical nature of your upbringing and the patterns humanity has played out for long enough. Let go of these old thought forms and be prepared to just walk away and leave them alone, sitting in the lurch! When you no longer choose to interact with them, they will simply fall by the wayside.
It is as if you just decide to leave some of your old possessions on the side of the road, because you no longer need them. Again, it’s a part of clearing out the closets of your old existence and replacing the old garments with new and more appropriate ones! Just let them go and leave them hanging, they will soon simply dissolve and fall away if this be your intent. We humbly offer you this imagery as a way to simply let things that no longer serve you go!

The pattern may surface again, as a habit formed long ago dies hard, but when and if it does just say to yourself - “Sorry, I now choose to focus my attention on my magnificence and not on my faults as this is what I wish to expand and develop in the future,” and move on. We see many of you struggle internally with this and hope these loving words offer you some ideas and ways to leave the old behind. It is always a choice where your energy and attention goes, there the energy flows and expands.
It’s time for you all to step into your greatness and let go of the old cloak you have worn for eons. Throw that old dark cloak on the pile of things you wish to let go of and ask the violet fire - the flamer of our beloved St. Germain to transform it all.

Once you have become accustomed to your new appearance and the feeling of love and lightness you carry we will don you with a new cloak, one more befitting to who you have become and are today, and not who you were eons ago. The old cloak has shrouded your magnificence and we humbly invite you to give us your old garments and allow them to be transformed.
Beloved ones, go into meditation and set the intent to collect all that no longer serves you, in through and around you and simply from the depths of your heart offer them up to the Divine for transmutation. Simply give them to God and let them all go! Do not interact with them any longer and move on! Some of you tend to keep going back into the garden to dig up the old bone you buried long ago. Just leave it alone and put it in the violet flame of Divine love. See the violet flame blaze in, through and around you for a complete cleansing and clearing of all that no longer serves you.

This is your assignment for this week dear ones. If you follow our advice you will finally begin to see, feel and live your Magnificence!
We love you, we bless you and we thank you for being willing to change and evolve into a new human being. One that is filled with love, joy, brightness and lightness of spirit. Thank you until we meet again soon. We love you more than you will ever know.

Your brothers and sisters from beyond the veil, the Great White Brotherhood of Light.


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