Thursday 1 November 2012

Reflections on Osho Quotes and Sayings on Silence

Osho Quotes on Silence, Osho Sayings on Silence

We are very much enclosed in our own psychology, and we project that psychology all around. A man of silence finds this whole world is full of silence. Even the sounds only deepen the silence. And a man full of noise never becomes aware of the immense silences in the night. It all depends on you. Your world is nothing but you, projected.

Become silent. In your silence, all questions will disappear. And the dance will begin, whatever the figure! Because as far as your inner being is concerned, it has no figure; it is just a luminous flame which can dance. It has been eternally there, repressed by you. You are the greatest enemy of yourself. My effort is to turn you into the greatest friend of yourself.

A man of silence moves with a certain field of energy around him, and if you are receptive, his vibe starts touching your heart.

In meditation, silence comes on its own accord. You simply go on watching the mind without any control, without any repression, and silence comes suddenly just like a breeze, and with the silence, the fragrance of the flowers — that is your blissfulness; it is your own fragrance which you were not capable of knowing because there was so much noise.

Ask, do everything that is possible, and then finally — tired, exhausted — you need to relax; you even let go of the idea of enlightenment, it is all futile. In this silence, when there is no desire stirring your mind, you suddenly find you are the enlightened one. That enlightenment was not somewhere else, it was within you. But it needed utter silence, no desire.

Enlightenment as such is already there. You are a buddha, but you are not aware of it. How to make you aware of it? Down the ages, this has been the way, and I don’t see there is any other possibility. You will become aware of it only in utter silence. But the utter silence, a state of no-mind, a pure space, needs all your desires to be exhausted.

Being in the presence of a master, silence happens on its own accord. Just as in the deep Himalayas, where the snow is eternal and the silence almost ancient… just sitting there under a tree, you start feeling, falling in tune with the immensity that surrounds you. To be in the presence of the master is even more deep-going.

Your inner being can be reflected only in a mirror without any ripples. No mind — absolute silence of all thoughts, absence of the mind completely — becomes the mirror without any ripples, without even a single fluttering of thought. And suddenly, the explosion: you have become aware for the first time of your own being.

What is the point of a beautiful sunrise if you are asleep? What is the beauty of a rose if you are asleep? Mind is your sleep, concentrated or not. Meditation is your awakening. The moment you awake, sleep disappears and with it all the dreams, all the projections, all expectations, all desires. Suddenly you are in a state of desirelessness, non-ambition, unfathomable silence. And only in this silence, blossoms flower in your being. Only in this silence the lotuses open their petals.

Truth is not something that comes from outside, it arises out of the intensity of your silence. In fact, the intensity of your silence, a great silence crystallized, is truth. Truth is not something other than silence. A small silence becomes the door to greater silences, and finally, the silence itself becomes so condensed — Gurdjieff used to call it the crystallization — you find yourself. In that very finding you have found the truth. Then life is a sheer joy, a song, a dance, a celebration.

If you really want to express the truth, don’t say anything about it, just leave the gap. Let people hear without your saying anything. That’s the only way truth has always been transferred — from one silent heart to another silent heart. In utter silence is the only possibility to meet, to merge, to share.

Silence is all that is needed, and everything else follows on its own accord.

Meditation is an effort to bring light and to bring joy and to bring silence and to bring blissfulness, and out of this beautiful world of meditation it is impossible for you to do anything wrong. So I have changed it completely. Religions were insisting on action; my insistence is on consciousness, and consciousness can grow only in silence. Silence is the right soil for consciousness. When you are noisy you cannot be very alert and conscious. When you are conscious and alert, you cannot be noisy — they cannot co-exist.

Grace comes as a flowering of your being. The moment your meditation reaches to the deepest core, to the very center of the cyclone, a tremendous silence, peace and blissfulness arise within you. Grace is the total effect of all these qualities: silence, peace, love, compassion, blissfulness, ecstasy. When these things arise in you, their flame, their fire starts radiating from your physical body. They are so much they start overflowing. That overflowing of your inner ecstasy is what can be defined as grace.

Impatience makes you ugly. Impatience is a disturbance in your meditation. Learn to wait. Be patient and trust that existence will give you whatever you are ready for. All that you have to do is to go on deeper in meditation, beyond mind into silence. No thoughts, no emotions, no moods, just a silent watchfulness and waiting for whatever existence finds you ready for.

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