Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2012 Cosmic Christ Prepares the Heart for 21st december 2012

Details about Brother Sean are available by visiting our website at - - / This video is one of a whole new series dedicated 2 ‘Preparing YOU for the Influx of Light from the Company of Heaven,’ dedicated to embracing the ‘Difemasc Healing energies’ of the Divine Masculine, the Cosmic Christ, with the Divine feminine-Mary Magdalene. 2012 Video Series: 70: ‘Trinitarian Healing Energies from the Cosmic Christ.’ Christ Consciousness reflects on the selfless gifting from a Father Mother God & Gaia as a co-creator of God as a core element of embracing Cosmic Christ Consciousness and working with Gaia and the Animal kingdoms depicted in the ancient teachings of indiginous people. On the 21st December 2012, something pretty amazing is going to happen! R U Ready 4 it? This energetic shift of consciousness asks that we are balanced with both energies and that we surrender our hearts to the Mystic Heart of the Supreme. Join us for our nightly soul reflection

24.00 hrs (GMT) -7.00PM (EST) - 6.00 PM (CST) - 5.00 PM (MST) – 4.00 PM ( PST)

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