Monday, 24 December 2012

Recording of our Midnight Vigil on Christmas Eve on Livestream

Details about Brother Sean are available by visiting our website at - - /  This video is a live recording of our Christmas Eve midnight vigil where we reflected on the account of the shephers being visited by Angels to tell them of the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem. Using a guided heart 2 heart visualisation we joined Mary and Joseph with the animals to not just witness the actual birth of the Christ child but to be willing and active participants during the birthing process. The conclusion is that we leave the meditation led by Brother Sean knowing that we each received a personal gift from Mother Mary and her newborn son a ‘spiritual re-birthing of the Cosmic Christ within our heart on this First ever Christmas of the New Dawn of Aquarius. Join us for our nightly soul reflection from: 24.00 hrs (GMT)

24.00 hrs (GMT) -7.00PM (EST) - 6.00 PM (CST) - 5.00 PM (MST) – 4.00 PM ( PST

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