Friday, 7 December 2012

The Cosmic shift


The Cosmic shift which first began with the Harmonic Convergence back in 1987 is in full swing challenging the Children of the Supreme God 2 surrender their hearts 2 Source.

Many light workers are now experiencing a 'Spiritual Culling' within their rank and file leaving no stone unturned.

On the 7th December 2012, an important message was received by Brother Sean from the Cosmic Christ before the 12 midnight vigil on Livestream.

This 'Spiritual Culling' that is now taking place within every child of God, including society, the Church, Religious Groups and even within the Tau Community of Saint Francis.

Live Updates from the Cosmic Christ are freely available by joining us from: 24.00 PM (GMT) - 07.00 PM (EST)- 01.00 AM (CET) on Livestream

Blessings 2 All Who have surrendered their hearts to the Cosmic Christ and who wait in love for an amazing gift on the 12.12.2012 and 21.12.2012

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