Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas is a re-birthing of the Cosmic Christ into all hearts of all beliefs

Details about Brother Sean are available by visiting our website at - - / Brother Sean was guided to record this video on Christmas Eve morning by the Beloved Jesus to invite all the children of God from all faiths and none to consider doing something magnanimous for Peace. As this is the 1st celebration of Christmas in the Dawn of Aquarius, the Company of Heaven are inviting all men, women and children from all faith traditions to come to the Manager in Bethlehem and there allow the Cosmic Christ be re-born in their soul-their higher self-their I AM PRESENCE. Because this Christmas has a spiritual significance 4 all faiths and none to embrace their God by surrendering their hearts to the Supreme, this allows each heart to see the face of the Cosmic Christ.

Brother Sean’s regular contributions to Youtube is as a result of Jesus speaking to his heart to invite you and all mankind eembrace the Mystical Heart of the Supreme God/Dess. Join us for our nightly soul reflection from: 24.00 hrs (GMT)

24.00 hrs (GMT) -7.00PM (EST) - 6.00 PM (CST) - 5.00 PM (MST) – 4.00 PM ( PST

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