Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Important Coming Events on Livestream TV Channel

Important Coming Events on Livestream TV Channel

Friday 21 Dec: ‘The Winter Solstice .’ We cannot let this important day disappear into the ethers without doing something amazing to celebrate the influx of the Cosmic Christ’s love 4 us. Gaia’s Peace Channel will be dedicated to embracing the Cosmic Christ Energies concluding with Brother Sean leading a Karmic Releasing of Old Vows, Pacts, etc.as we begin our spiritual life in the Dawn of the new Aquarius’
Saturday 22 Dec: Gaia’s Peace Channel: Brother Sean will lead the 60 mins live show dedicated to the Difemasc Healing Energies of the Divine Masculine (Cosmic Christ) & the Divine Feminine (Magdalene). The show will conclude where Brother Sean will do a visualisation of Therapeutic touch with Magdalene anointing your hands and feet with Spikenard oils.

Tuesday 25 Dec: Gaia’s Channel: Christmas Day- Brother Sean will lead us back 2000 years to the Manger in Bethlehem, Judea to meet the Infant Jesus with Mary, Joseph, Shepherds and the Company of Heaven.

Twilight Spiritual Soiree on Livestream: Each evening from: 24.00 PM (GMT) Brother Sean will continue to share inspired thoughts from the Cosmic Christ 4 our hearts, concluding with a Heart 2 Heart 2 Soul meditation on the Christ Star of Cosmic Love.

Livestream from 12 midnight (GMT)

Something Beautiful for 2013

The Dream and Vision Cosmic Christ‘underpinned by Matthew Fox’s 1st. publication of The Coming of the Cosmic Christ’

A series of live webinars every Sunday from: January 13th. From: 02.00 PM (GMT)

A Blessed Christmas to You All

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