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Are You A Spiritual Olympian 4 2012

A You A Spiritual Olympian for 2012?

Would you agree that in today’s world, there is lacking adequate spiritual leadership where religious leaders have become oblivious to the cries of God’s children in real distress?  

Is it equally true to say that many of the world’s religions have passed their ‘sell by date,’ leaving in their wake, a toll of many religious casualties that are not welcome in their fraternities because they dare to be different? Is it also true that mainstream religion has a problem accepting the following ‘children of God,’ to their table? They are:  

·        Divorced

·        Practicing  Homosexuals

·        Lesbian.

·        Pedophile.

·        Zealot in religious affairs.

·        One who is outspoken with their truth.

·        And many others, too numerous to mention  

Many faith communities still cling to a bye gone era where old prejudices persist to fuel their religious intolerance to others. Maybe they have become more embroiled in being politically correct for fear of upsetting the status quo. It would also appear that there are religious men and women have become far too complacent in their religious vocation and see it as an end in itself, or and, where they perceive their vocation as merely a, ‘business deal,’ and not as a gift from God to serve His children. I am aware that there are many clergy who do not accept that their vocation is a job offering them financial security and stability.   

Where were the Olympians representing God in Church history when God’s ministers and followers became so obsessed with materialism, debauchery and idolatry? Thankfully, God gave man sufficient rope to hang oneself and then brought in the ‘spiritual foot soldiers,’ like Saint Theresa of Avilla who got her nuns to abandon a life of self indulgence and wearing the latest fashions to literally rocking and rolling to a different spiritual tune. Many decided to leave her communities because they felt that it was too hard for their delicate skin not to have the best shoes and now forced to be barefoot. Many found eating a frugal vegetarian diet to upsetting for their gastrointestinal track making them run to the latrines with not fancy paper. Then there were the spoilt nuns who hailed from the well to do families and having to abandon their ladies in waiting to attend to their own physical needs, etc. Theresa, whilst wanting to ‘kick ass,’ as our American cousins would say, decided to hit her nuns even harder by making them rise at an ungodly hour of 4am to pray in a cold, damp chapel where thick woolens were a must. Theresa was a breath of fresh air for the Church of her day as her spirituality challenged many of the established Church to get back on their knees before God and beg for His forgiveness. They used all in their power to have her tried by the Inquisition Chambers for being a witch when all that she was doing was removing the nonsense from religion and empowering her nuns to connect with their spirituality, the language of Love uniting their hearts with their God. Her writings made her a canonized Doctor of the Church and boy, did she do well for God as a Medieval Olympian. 

In Italian circles within the 12th century Catholic Church, many clergy has well and truly lost sight of God and even used their positions to abuse God’s gifts as His Cardinals, even many Bishops opted for the licentious life by taking mistresses as well as fathering many children to them. God heard the cries of His children by calling a young man known as Francis of Assisi to challenge the might of the then Catholic Church now totally corrupt and godless. Francis was guided by God to forsake a comfortable life as an accountant and instead he decided to set up home with a group of new age men and women and lived in the fields. He later established the Franciscan Order for men and women to live simple lives dedicated to God in a spirit of poverty, obedience and chastity. God used Francis’s pure simplicity and love of creation to overthrow the evil that had corrupted His Church! Here, we have a perfect example that God used the ordinariness as well as the simplicity of a small dedicated group of men and women to upstage the academia of Rome. Surely, this should give our modern world hope to challenge a society that is no different to then.     

I believe that God invites many, many souls on a daily if not hourly basis, to accept His personal invitation to, ‘COME FOLLOW HIM.’ I sense that modern man is reluctant to step out from his/her comfort zone. Possibly, one is not ready for that call or maybe there are genuine reasons why they say no based on an historical perspective of how the Church neglected to speak truthfully about God’s word regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus…….Whatever their reasons, the Churches of today are devoid of what I call the, ‘Spiritual Blacksmiths,’ those special friends of God who are not associated with ‘Religious Fundamentalism,’ but more in tune with what God is saying to their hearts. It is regrettable that many Church leaders across the religious divide are locked into a negative mindset that has eroded the simplicity of God’s word for their heart and their ministry.  

Society now desperately needs more of the genuine souls who are true to themselves and are not afraid to speak out against injustices within the Church and society. If ever there was a time in history when mankind needed deliverance from apathy, spiritual impoverishment, religiosity, man’s inhumanity to one’s fellow man and God’s creation, then it has got to be today. Man’s soul is crying out for an infusion of positive spirituality and deliverance from a hedonistic, egotistical and selfish society that not only is devoid of God’s love but has become obsessed with self indulgence, status and political correctness. A society without God is a society without a soul and where there is no soul, there is spiritual impoverishment and death. We would greatly benefit from the resurgence of Theresa and Francis to ignite our fires and get us motivated.  But, they are here in spirit guiding many hearts to adopt their teachings and put them into practice in their daily lives as the ‘modern day equivalents of Spiritual Olympians.’     

When the ‘GB Team’ returned home from the Beijing Olympics recently, the nation celebrated their achievements with a rapturous applause. Their four years of intensive training, sacrifices and sheer discipline finally paid dividends for those who were totally committed to winning the race. Can this be said of all light workers in service to God at this present time? I don’t think so because there are still many light workers who are not ready to let go of ego and begin their spiritual preparation for 2012?  

Earth is now being blasted by Divine Healing Love and Light with a surge of the purest spiritual energies that is now preparing all mankind to embrace their spiritual preparation for the advent of 2012. The I AM PRESENCE has begun separating the wood from the chaff by inviting light workers of the highest integrity to become, ‘Spiritual Olympians’ for 2012. What does being a ‘Spiritual Olympian’ mean for the ordinary person who is unaware of 2012? I believe that it implies abandoning all unnecessary baggage and releasing oneself from anyone, anything or any place that still has its hold on our soul’s development. It requires that all of the willing participants, that have been invited by God as spiritual Olympians, will be totally committed to a more simple life of prayer, meditation, self denial, self sacrifice, humility, with a tenacity to ‘Let their Light Shine out from their souls’ for 2012.’   

As a direct result of God seeking out His disciples to join Him as potential ‘Spiritual Olympians,’ fellow light workers who have responded, are falling down by the roadside and experiencing their penultimate ‘Mother of all challenges.’ Many are going through their ‘dark night of the soul’ experience leaving them battered by the storms that are vitriolic and satanic in nature. Many therapists like me have been forced to retreat from one’s ministry and make time to self heal and rest from caring for others indefinitely. The symptoms that have attacked many of our experienced light workers, including myself, are all identical in nature. They are: severe low back pain, depression with a resurfacing of personal and family issues of a traumatic nature and a sense of hopelessness. The onslaught of so many emotions reappearing all at once has forced many of us to cancel all work indefinitely and retreat back into our sacred oasis for spiritual comfort and guidance from the Master Jesus. In saying that, there are those who pretend that all is well and ignore their heart and soldier on regardless to their peril. The surge of energy has forced many of us to reconsider a career change by opting for a more simple life where nature is our nurse and the animal kingdom our therapists. Time out has afforded many light workers the opportunity to reflect on one’s spiritual life, seeking guidance from God as to the way forward, etc. The souls of the wise are now being groomed for 2012 by ditching unwanted loads that have weighed so many down over the years because they have lacked courage to speak their truth.   

In our humanity, we fail miserably through our complacency and indifference to God’s promises. We need to be continually reminded that we are here on earth, not for a season but to fulfill our life’s purpose in service to Source. God who sees the innermost recesses of our hearts, knows only too well of our fickleness and forgetfulness and hence His gentle reminders to get back on track. Our need for support and nurturing from God’s messengers, reminds us that as children of God, we have to work at our spiritual training and take nothing for granted. Only the fittest of spiritual athletes stand any chance of winning the race. There is no easy way to get there except through sheer determination to remain loyal to our sacred contracts; a commitment to daily prayer, fasting and discipline are essential if we are to succeed. Anyone thinking of taking ‘the fast track’ will meet with disappointment and failure.    

Mankind is hungry for a different kind of food where ‘man made religion’ no longer has any control over them. Souls that are searching for God’s love and purpose in their lives will succeed in their determination through sheer perseverance. The soul’s experience may resemble that of gold been refined in a burning furnace to remove man’s ego and pride. Eventually, the soul experiences real humility with a deep reverence for God leaving the soul bathing in the oneness and completeness of the ‘I AM PRESENCE.’ In the soul’s special sanctuary of Divine Love, the heart will ‘BEHOLD-HOLD-ENFOLD AND LISTEN,’ to their God/Dess in the silence of their soul. By nurturing the soul through the daily use of sacred tools, such as quiet meditative reflection, prayer and a return to spiritual values, then will the soul reawaken God’s healing light across the universe? 

Spiritual Olympians who are in service to God, are encouraged by the Divine Holy Spirit through Jesus and the Ascended Masters, to take 2012 seriously by reflecting more in our hearts wherein lies our Divine truth. Yes, well meaning friends and others will try to discourage one from going that extra mile for Source. Like the athletes in training, we remain focused by heeding the words of Jesus, taken from the Holy Scriptures about the many miracles that He performed on earth, ‘you too, will perform greater miracles than these.’  

As for the wonderful experience that awaits us on the stroke of twelve midnight on the 21st of December 2012, when the Angels will summon God’s faithful to the banqueting table of the Lord Christ, all will be invited to embrace Christ Consciousness and experience sixth dimensional energies. Given that we are all finite beings, it is difficult to comprehend the purity and brilliance that awaits our souls. After many centuries of soul searching for this special moment in our soul’s evolution as a co creator of God, we shall know on an intuitive level that our faith journey as a Spiritual Olympian was well worth the effort.

Like Francis of Assisi and Theresa of Avilla, there are many millions of saintly men and women from all walks of life who have gone before us, and who also endured the wrath of God’s Church for daring to be different. They all experienced many hardships in their daily struggles to find their God. We are comforted in the knowledge that their intercessions and prayers will continue to empower us in our faith journey as we struggle with our mind, our egos and our body, to forever keep them in subjection to God’s will. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!   

The Spirit of God, I believe, is very much committed to working in partnership with the Divine Feminine, Mother Mary, Mother Earth and the Angelic Host, sending out simple, yet clear messages to many hearts already in training for their ascension process to be activated. We are invited by them to establish healing vortexes in our homes where Jesus will infuse His love and light empowering us to remain in control, focused and grounded when the onslaught from the anti Christ really begins to batter the hearts of God’s children. These healing vortexes will sustain us and act as a conduit for the transference of negative energy into positive healing energy that will be spiritual food for the soul, empowering us to remain strong in the face of adversity.  

Ignoring our soul’s purpose leaves one isolated from God’s safety and protection. Yes, we know at soul level that we do not belong here in this world of chaotic dramas where society has become apathetic to God’s love. As Spiritual Olympians, we are leaving no stone unturned as we now prepare for our ascension back home to be with God. We are also being nurtured to reflect God’s love in a tangible way by allowing our life’s skills to be our ‘energetic footprints’ for mankind to follow in their final search for their God/dess.    

All mankind has been called to embrace this final challenge by God to leave old ways behind. Many experienced light workers who have found spirituality, are being guided by the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine, to distance oneself from all, ‘man made religions,’ including one’s own religious family. As Spiritual Olympians, we have an important task to complete for God. Jesus commissioned us to walk with Him and become, ‘His hands and feet,’ sharing God’s love wherever we go, so that He can touch their hearts to repent of selfishness and pride and kneel at the feet of Him who is waiting for them. Our sole purpose as a Light Bringer of God’s love is primarily to speak our truth by example and avoid lofty, meaningless words that have no place in this God’s work. Our duty now is to take personal responsibility and accountability for our spiritual journey and self heal before empowering others in their own healing process. Being an Olympian in service with Jesus, the Christ, we are discouraged from rescuing others even to taking prisoners along with us.  

As Spiritual Olympians, we are the modern day Prophets, representatives of the beating heart of God for His people. Whatever we do in the name of Jesus, miracles will be performed and souls brought back to God. We know that there will be many souls who will remain unchallenged by all that God has shared with their hearts. These souls will not experience the transference of sixth dimensional energy and will have to return to a different place that is third dimensional energy where they will continue their ascension process with our support. I believe that many of us will remain in that higher state of consciousness and dip in and out of it so as to support our loved ones who remained behind. 

Jesus knows our hearts desires and gives generously to those who forsake the ‘flesh pots of Egypt,’ in their quest for inner peace. Mindful of those who doubt the very existence of God without actual proof, Jesus speaks the following message to their hearts, ‘blessed are they who have not seen, and yet believe; theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.’
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