Sunday, 28 October 2012

Uniting Hearts to the Cosmic Christ Consciousness

I was guided to share the quote below taken from wonderful Matthew Fox which was used as a term of reference during Thursday's midnight spiritual soiree on Livestream. As many of you will already be aware that our hearts are totally committed to raising awareness about the 21st December 2012. The real reason for this is that given that all mankind have been invited to embrace the influx of the Cosmic Christ's energies only the 'FEW' have accepted.

Interestingly, only this week ,I had several emails from members to say that, 'they don't know how to connect with their heart to the Cosmic Christ energies.' Our sole purpose of the nightly 30 minute recorded show is to empower those who are unsure as to how to connect with the Cosmic Christ to adopt a simple approach through the 30 minute show where we share a theme for the evening and conclude with a guided meditation of inviting the Cosmic Christ with Magdalene to empower those gathered to connect with their heart-hence the 2 part special youtubes recorded from Friday night's Vigil on Livestream. Maybe, if you are struggling to understand whats behind 2012 and ways to engage your heart with the Cosmic Christ then the 2 part video on Youtube could be for you.

Many have shared in emails that they 'Do not know how to connect with their hearts.' So, if you are one of the majority who are desperately seeking a simple way to reawaken your soul's DNA and connect with your heart, then you can join me or watch the 2 part series in a way that will leave some feeling belwildered and may want to choose the Free Church of Turkey!

Becasue many have shared with me over the past several years 'that they don't know how to connect with their hearts' they feel locked in a mindset of fear or maybe they just don't or won't connect with what's happening on 21-12.2012 to embrace the l where we are encouraging likeminded soul seekers of Truth uu

The teaching about the living Buddha found in light beings and bringing enlightenment to human beings seems identical to the teachings of the Cosmic Christ, who is present in beings of light and brings enlightenment to humans.

Perhaps we can, borrowing from today’s science, distinguish between light aa wave and light as particle.

As wave, both the Cosmic Christ and the Buddha Nature extend everywhere and permeate all beings. As particles, the historical Buddha and the historical Jesus were particular people from particular cultures operating in a particular time period. Thus the light of the Buddha and the light of the Christ have both wave and particle elements to them. As do we who share in their light. (One River Many Wells; Matthew Fox)

Why not come and join me on Livestream where we embrace the healing energies of the Risen Cosmic Christ and Magdalene to reactivate the soul’s DNA to self heal. Led by Brother Sean from 12 midnight (GMT); 07.00pm (EST) 4 personal and global Peace and Insterspiritual Unity. Namaste

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