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Embracing the Divine Femine & Essenic Energy

Embracing the DIVINE FEMININE,
working with the CHRIST/ MAGDALENE/ ANGELIC HEALING ENERGIES, underpinned by the ancient Teachings of the Essenes
Article by Brother Sean

Embracing the Divine Feminine within our daily lives is an important part of our spiritual journey as it challenges us to Reflect, Reclaim, Release, Rekindle our love affaire with Source, the one who IS.

It is my belief that until we rediscover the divine feminine within ourselves as light workers, we will operate not from a center of balance but work from a place of imbalance. The divine feminine is primarily associated with balance and if we are not ‘balanced’ then our spiritual gifts lack clarity and our ministrations to our clients are lacking that all important spiritual life’s healing energy that will nurture pure Love and Light –Christ Consciousness.

In my work as a therapist and teacher, I have come to the conclusion that the Divine Feminine is an equal partnership – a duality of healing energies balanced between Christ and Mary Magdalene as well as being the face and personality of Source. Each one of us has our own view point on what the Divine Feminine means to them. Whatever our personal views are I know that by engaging and working with the healing energies of the divine feminine, we embrace all that there is – the one who IS. 

As light workers, I believe that we each have a duty to be responsible for our spiritual lives and that we have a duty to take back our personal power and reclaim our own individuality as well as our divinity.

We know from the annals of history that man has desperately tried to captivate the essence of Source and in his quest to achieve illumination with the ‘Holy One’, has become embroiled in a head centered approach thus losing the simple message of what Love and Light is all about. Man’s attempt to make that penultimate connection with Source, the God/dess, devised ways using ritual and ceremony to help us reconnect. The downside to this has been a noticeable shift in man escaping from ‘man made religion to embracing a less complicated approach using spirituality. As one beautiful client informed me several years ago when she phoned me and asked the question, ‘what is the difference between religion and spirituality’? Her reply was awesome and indeed challenging. She went on to say that ‘religion was for those of us who lived in fear of hell and spirituality was for those of us who had come through hell.’

Religion has helped me take back my power and embrace a more heart-centered relationship with Source. In my quiet times alone with my God/dess I Behold-Enfold –Hold and Listen to the Divine Feminine of Source touch my heart –my teacher. As light workers we have a duty to care for oneself and whilst it is essential that we seek the necessary qualifications in our specific fields as holistic therapists, we are not only invited by the Divine to be great therapists but to be a people whose minds and hearts are primarily fixed on selfless love in service to the Divine God/dess. 

Several years ago I experienced a major life crisis that soon ended my career as a qualified nurse. During that time I was in a wilderness of deep-rooted pain and isolation trying to come to terms with a series of losses as well as cope with mental illness induced by a well-known anti depressant, ‘Prozac’. Looking back I now realize that for the Divine Feminine –the Christ and Mary Magdalene to use me as their hands and feet to touch lives, I too had to be broken of the self /the ego, and be transformed over a period of years to wellness and wholeness.
Therapeutic Channelling has its roots in the ancient teachings of the Essenes dating back to 3000 years BC and the first century of the Christian era at the Dead Sea in Palestine and at Lake Mareotis in Egypt. In Palestine and Syria the members of the brotherhood were known as Essenes and in Egypt as Therapeutae, or healers. They sent out healers, teachers and therapists from the brotherhoods, amongst them were Elijah, John the Baptist, John the Beloved and the great Essene Master, Jesus. The origin of the brotherhood is said to be unknown, and the derivation of the name is uncertain. Some believes it comes from Enoch, and claims him to be there founder, their Communion with the angelic world having first been given to him.


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