Wednesday, 31 October 2012

T Sevenfold Peace of the Essenes of Mount Sinai

The Sevenfold Peace of the Essenes was the summation of their inner teaching.
Their Tree of Life and the Communions taught man his relationship with the fourteen forces of the visible and invisible worlds. The Sevenfold Peace explains his relationship to the parts of his own being and to his fellow men, showing how to create peace, harmony in the seven categories of his life.

Harmony to the Essenes meant peace.
They considered that human life can be divided into seven departments or compartments:
Ø      Physical

Ø      Mental

Ø      Emotional

Ø      Social

Ø      Cultural

Ø      Relationships with Nature

Ø      Relationships with the entire Cosmos.

Man, it was held, has three bodies that function in each of these departments:
Ø      A Feeling Body – the feeling body’s highest Power is LOVE.

Ø      A Thinking Body – the thinking body’s highest Power is WISDOM.

Ø      An Acting Body – the acting body’s FUNCTION is to translate the WISDOM of the Thinking Body and the LOVE of the Feeling Body into ACTION in an individual’s social and cultural worlds and in his utilisation of the Terrestrial and Heavenly Forces. 

The Sevenfold Peace explains the utilisation of these Powers and Forces with the utmost clarity. Every Noon, a Peace Contemplation was held with one aspect of Peace; and every Sabbath was collectively dedicated to one, the entire cycle covering all phases of man’s life
We are convinced that we are a viable model of religious life for the future and we believe that God has called the Members of the Tau Interfaith Franciscan Community of St. Francis to unite as one spiritual family whose love will empower mankind embrace the Natural World- The Franciscan Soul and lead by example of what interfaith unity and compassion represents in a spiritually impoverished century.
The questions I put to your heart today:

Ø      Are you seeking personal intimacy with God?
Ø      Are you ready to live in the world but not engage with its dramas?
Ø      Are you considering a simpler lifestyle change?
Ø      Are you led to follow your heart?
Ø      Are you thinking about becoming a lay monastic from your own home- your monastery without walls?
Ø      Are you ready to make such a commitment to embrace life as a modern day monastic?
Ø      Are you mature enough to commit to such an undertaking as this?
Ø      Are you searching for a lay monastic family; one that would accept you as you are regardless of belief, sexuality or disability?
If you have answered YES to any of the above, then why not consider joining our online lay monastic community-

The Tau Community of Interspiritual Franciscans USA:

The Tau Community of Interspiritual Franciscans

Our Online Lay Monastic Community sharing in Morning and Evening Prayer

In a nutshell, when we reach the crossroads of our life, so many times we sense a deep inner longing within our heart to reflect on why I am here and what my life’s purposes are……..

If you are still on that road of self discovery and would like to test whether or not you have a monastic calling to live as a modern day lay monastic without having to leave family or friends, then seek divine guidance within your heart-then honor it and explore the choices right for your spiritual pathway. Why miss this golden opportunity today.
Pax et Bonum
Brother Sean  
(Rev.) Brother Sean Bradley TCOSF
Spiritual Director and Founder of the Tau Community of Interfaith Franciscans

Why not come and join me on Livestream where we embrace the healing energies of the Risen Cosmic Christ and Magdalene to reactivate the soul’s DNA to self heal.
Led by Brother Sean from 12 midnight (GMT); 07.00pm (EST) 4 personal and global Peace and Insterspiritual Unity.

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