Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What Clients Have 2 Say

What Clients have to say about Brother Sean:

Once in a life time a truly amazing helper comes along, like the healer Brother Sean. Without his help I would still be stuck up the thicket of a tributary, some way off the River, and very far from Sea, a shipwrecked man holding onto a spar. I would still be living in Misery. But Life had other plans. There is no doubt over Brother Sean's healing powers, his encouragement, his prophetic and intuitive insight, the sheer sagacity of the man; his healing power, prayer, Franciscan serenity and those special healing oils he makes. He is truly a channel of impressive and significant quality. I strongly believe he is as good as it gets in a time when there are no real masters left here on the earth plane, save through our appeal to the Ascended Masters that have gone before and the angelic and Divine healing energies of which we are only servants

His connection with the Master Jesus, Magdalene, Mother Mary, the Archangels and Saint Francis, has worked a miracle in keeping me well against the odds. I have long suffered from depression and mental illness, imbalance and self-absorption. Conventional medicines, remedies, talking therapies (CBT/CAT), Jungian psychotherapy and NLP, have not helped me near enough as Brother Sean's humble and definitive Essene approach, working with the Holy Spirit, and allowing Divine Guidance--along with time, since there is never a magic wand to recover--to heal where reason and often a fallible one size fits all NHS approach could not, but merely suppress or contain difficulties until they had straightened, but never resolved, quietened but functioning with all the trash dug deep.

All truly great healers and sages are incredibly humble people, and those with the greatest insight into the mysteries and realities of the world, have inevitable suffered the most. This equips them to change their world and in so doing improve our own, and it is from them that truly great things can be carried forth in those that they help and the ideas that they help to spread, as lives begin to change. I have benefited from his expertise in healing, his work with Jesus-Mirian [bio-energy healing] oils and his great compassion that radiates from his aura, his hands and his loving eyes. When it seemed life would not improve, when I was fast losing hope, when I was not really living but existing as a man abandoned, isolated and near the borderlands of out and out psychosis-Sean's healing and daily affirmations and prayer prescription has helped me to restore my Spirit and give me back my spark which had dimmed through many life traumas and negative experiences. Brother Sean has given me the power to reclaim hope and trust that all will be well if I embrace Jesus and the Brotherhood of the elect...

He also actively proves through his inter-faith work with the Tau Community of St. Francis, and his visionary--though frankly sensible and realistic plans for simplicity and ecological sustainability at a community and local level [and the use of the fabled Essene Angel Bagua, that beautiful days full of creativity and promise are available to us all. He is truly a living embodiment of the True Religion, that is the Imagination, tempered with patience and love.

He has given me hope that there are good human beings out there. And while no one is perfect, there are those who devote their lives to serving others in need and selflessly asking nothing back. I'm sincerely grateful for his love, patience and compassion in the matter concerning Henry Harvey.
What I have learned from Brother Sean has helped me to rehabilitate and I see it as a turning point in my life. I sincerely do, as you so prophetically knew when we last met in person.

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 This image represents our sacred healing hands holding the Difemasc Healing Energies of the I AM PRESENCE
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