Sunday, 28 October 2012

What is your understanding of Christ Consciousness

What is your understanding of Christ Consciousness and how would you recognise it in your daily  life of prayer as a therapist?

My understanding of Christ Consciousness is the divine connection with God and Jesus. It is the feelings I get when I sit alone in silent prayer and feel the security and serenity that fills my entire being. That sense of calm contemplation that creates such utter peace that makes me feel that I want to sit in this space for ever, because I feel so alive and connected to the source. I relish this oneness with my whole being, this part of me that touches the inner part of me that resonates so totally with the Christ energy. Such a feeling of coming home at last, this gives me a wonderful feeling of balance and connectedness. Christ Consciousness sustains me when I am in distress or in need. It is the connection with my heart; that place within me, which feels so deeply and loves so much.

When I connect with the Christ Consciousness I feel so centred and strong in my power. I love this feeling in my life, it sustains me on a daily basis and when I connect with source prior to and during a healing session. I have a sense of their profound energy around me, the warmth on my body, the tingling on my face and the rustling through my hair. An overwhelming feeling of being loved and held in the palm of Christ’s hand. What a wonderful and humbling feeling this is.                                                          

The divine feminine holds a wonderful light energy, gentle in it’s essence with a maternal quality that makes me feel really loved and nurtured. It is a sense of love and gentle enfoldment that has a knowing within me that is truly in tune with the God force. The divine feminine helps me to recognise and accept the uniqueness and gentleness of me. That all encompassing feeling of grace that helps to bring out that side of me as a therapist, so that I intuitively sense where the client is at. I feel the energy as all encompassing. It is strong yet gentle with a sense of lightness. This enables me to be calm and relaxed, standing in a place of grace and love. Where, I can respond to my client with warmth and compassion, ensuring that I connect with them on a soul level. Enabling them to stand in their own power.                                                                                                                            

Mary Magdalene showed her love for Christ by the healing embrace she gave and her unconditional love for mankind. She works through therapists when they are channelling the Christ energies and her gentleness is ever present as they complete the healing touch. When I channel the Christ energies I have a sense of Mary Magdalene as she walks with me and guides me in teaching and enabling me to feel the love and healing energies. What a wonderful experience this is. To me the twin flame means twin souls, a joining of two that makes a whole. Information relates to Mary Magdalene and Jesus as being married and having a beautiful and intense relationship. They worked together in spreading the word of God and enlightening those around them and they continue to do this even today.

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