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Brides of Sananda - Cosmic Crist


An article written by Brother Sean in April 2008. 
Magdalene with her Beloved Jesus

The Essence of the Mystical Bridegroom of Sananda Jesus 

The title ‘Sananda Brides,’ or ‘Brides of Jesus Christ the Ascended Master and Teacher,’ may appear a daunting, if not a challenging concept for most light workers who have not heard of Sananda Jesus. The connotation of Bride in this context might imply that in order to become a ‘Spiritual Bride of Sananda Jesus,’ one would have to join a convent or nunnery so as to complete the initiation. Be assured that one does not have to convert to a religious group, or join a monastery or convent or change into something or someone different to be a Bride of Sandana Jesus. All that is required is an openness and a willingness to enter a new spiritual relationship with Jesus that will engender a spiritual pathway towards mystical union.  

In the mid sixties, I joined a monastic nursing order of monks that involved three years of intensive training in living the life of a religious monk. After the first six months of being a postulant, I attended a ceremony that invited me to wear my ordinary cloths symbolizing my place in the world. Towards the end of the religious ceremony, I was invited to remove my jacket as a symbol of renouncing the devil! The Novice Master called me by my surname and at this point I was given a new religious name, the name of Brother Jude. The superior, or head of the community then proceeded to place the garb, known as the religious habit over my head and a leather belt and cross, etc. around my waist. The wearing of the new garb was a public demonstration that the community had welcomed me into the Novitiate as a probationer monk for another two years. After that time, the community were summoned to attend chapel and witness my spiritual marriage ceremony where I would recite my three vows of poverty, obedience and celibacy stating that I was willing to live the religious life as a Bride of Christ as a servant of the Catholic Church. As with any formal civil marriage ceremony, the bride and groom have to sign various declarations in the presence of witnesses. So too, my religious wedding ceremony was sealed by my receiving the official documents and signing the Church register of my acceptance that I was now a ‘Bride of Christ.’ Following the religious ceremony, the community was invited to a wedding feast of sorts where I was congratulated for passing the test! 

Before you totally dismiss the idea as pure heresy or sheer madness on my part for daring to write this article, may I share with you my heart’s understanding about the spiritual associations of what being a Bride of Sananda Jesus really implies. Many who have embraced this mystical sacred marriage, as a bride of Jesus, believe that they are uniting their hearts totally with that of Jesus and their God through a life of selfless love and are willing to walk alongside the Master in complete oneness of all the IS. There is a sense of deep spiritual union of mind, body and soul creating harmony, balance and divine connectedness on every level of one’s being. This spiritual love affair grows and eventually becomes pure mystery leading the new bride into absolute mystical bliss where the soul of the bride is totally absorbed by the sacred essence of the Groom, Jesus. For those who have embraced this way of life they know that there is no going back to their old ways living in third dimensional energy but to remain permanently transfixed by sixth dimensional energy.    

We should not be surprised to know that many of the ancient rituals engaged the Priest and Priestesses in Mystical Marriage. So, hearing about the idea or thoughts about becoming a Bride of Sananda Jesus should not alarm us but as the concept has survived over the centuries. Firstly, it is not unusual for someone whose heart, mind and soul have been transfused even transfixed by Divine Love, to embrace Mystical or sacred marriage with God or their Goddess. Many of the ancient civilizations employed men and women who were specially trained from a very early age to embrace a spiritual life totally dedicated to their respective Gods/Goddess. Many became ‘Eunuchs’ for the Kingdom of God as they felt that this was their chosen destiny on earth.  

Today, in light of the surge of pure energies flooding the earth preparing many for the ‘Dawn of the New Aquarius,’ the 21st December 2012 will be a momentous period in our evolution as well as enabling many to transcend from 3rd dimensional energy into 6th dimensional energy. The interim period that we are now living in is a time of great change both mentally, physically and spiritually.  

Today, in my heart I sense that something really wonderful and beautiful is happening for therapists who embrace the teachings of Sananda Jesus and the Divine Feminine. Their love is all embracing for our soul journey. There is a sense that we the light worker, are now been called to reunite as one loving family to support and strengthen each other to remain as one. That union is cohesive and strengthening on all levels and more importantly it is grounding. If we should momentarily stray from the path and loose sight of our divinity then we have the infrastructure already in place in our shared groups providing support for daily sustenance. Our spiritual development demands that we prioritize what is best for our ‘highest good’ and anything that no longer serves our highest good, then we are encouraged to abandon it and let go so that God can reign supreme in our hearts. So why do we allow ourselves settle for second best when we can have only the best? 

Recognizing the real importance for spiritual ongoing development, as the founder of the ‘Sean Bradley Academy of Essenic Energy Medicine for Practitioners, I was guided by Jesus and Mother Mary to encourage our therapists to undertake a 2 day spiritual retreat every 12 months of the anniversary of their qualification. The implementation practices that we initiated for ongoing spiritual growth and development was later acknowledged when Lord Kutumi (Saint Francis) spoke through several of our therapists and myself to establish the Tau Tree of Life Healing Interfaith Support Group for all Light Workers. This vision of spiritual solidarity and friendship was based on the core values of the Essenic Communities underpinned by the Angelology of the Tree of Life.  

Many light workers are now experiencing relationship problems causing them deep inner pain leaving them feeling a sense of personal frustration as well as isolation in their spiritual connection with Source. The energy shifts that are coming through are challenging us to take back our personal power and reclaim our divinity as a child of God. We know that as bearers of the ‘Good News associated with the teachings of Sananda Jesus’ we cannot serve two masters. Instead of fooling ourselves into thinking that we can manage diversity better than most because of our spiritual relationship with Jesus, we have to act responsibly to the point of distancing ourselves from anyone, anything or anybody whose sole intent is to separate us in our spiritual closeness with God. There is no room for compromise or trying to believe that we can convert others to our way of thinking. As the saying goes, ‘you can bring a horse to the well but you cannot make it drink’. As Jesus said to his followers, ‘those who have ears to hear will hear’. If we are living in a loveless relationship, then we have to remember that to be in love with someone means that we have to let go when there is no evidence of love. Love is knowing when to let go of the person we love but who is not in love with us.  

However hard this may be for us, there is no use hanging on for the sake of others. In the end, we only end up destroying ourselves. The light worker has to accept one’s limitations and know that often God speaks to our hearts in the shadows as well as in the brightness. If insecurity, fear. Guilt, unforgiveness holds us back then we have a duty to self medicate with the Love of God and get back on track before we loose everything. The mind plays many a tune to distract us in our search for Love and Light. The mind is Ego and ego is and will always remain anti God-anti love and light. As light workers we have a duty to care first for ourselves then go and heal the sick.


Today, more than ever before in the annals of history, Sananda Jesus is inviting us to forsake the pleasures of this world and remain totally detached in our minds, our ego, thus leaving our hearts ready to receive a daily outpouring of spiritual love. I sense too that we are also been encouraged to remain present in this world so that we can ‘let our lights shine out’ to all who are searching for love and light. I believe that there is a place for the Sananda Bride to remain a positive influence in the world and yet remain a key player in balancing negative into positive energy. We are not doormats for the world’s cast offs. I believe that as a child of God, we are in service to Sananda Jesus in God and instead of allowing others dump their negativity onto us, we have a duty to empower them to take responsibility for their actions. Our first duty is to be in service to Sananda Jesus not a servant as was given to me as a trainee monk. A servant has no official status in God’s house. If we are in Jesus then we are united as one and as one we are coheirs, co creators of God for God through Sananda Jesus. 

As light workers who have experienced the presence of Jesus in our hearts, we know that they belong to Sananda Jesus. When we remain in that state of union, our hearts will continue to be transformed to another dimension of pure love and light. In our prayer times alone with the Master, our teacher, we are encouraged to return to an intimate sacred union. That union is the Hierus Gamus or mystical marriage. Yes, we can live in a loving relationship with our partner and yet remain in love with Jesus. To love an other person intimately is to embrace God. We can also take this relationship to an advanced level by remaining totally His. Only God can direct us to embrace what feels right for us and there is never any coercion to do something that is alien to us. So where is the anecdotal evidence supporting the concept of Sananda Bride?  

From the beginning of time, men and women have served their religious deities as Priests and Priestesses. It was not by chance that initiates to this high office were chosen. This invitation was the custom and practice of that time and certain families were chosen by their ruler to produce their first-born sons and daughters for this honor. In other words, families were individually groomed and afforded special favors for their offerings to the Temple. The appointment was never challenged by the initiate but seen as a great honor to serve in the Temple. Upon entry into the priesthood, individuals were groomed for the highest honor that could be given to them. 

To serve the Gods by offering sacrifice on behalf of their rulers for all mankind was indeed a laudable profession. Using a modern term, the priests had job security and a sense of job satisfaction. 

In the past two thousand years, the devotees of Jesus made themselves available for service by working together for the common good. Some remained married and had children whereas others decided to remain single and embrace a closer relationship with the God. For the individual who experienced the ‘call of God’ they decided to celebrate their sacred union, or Hierus Gamus, by joining a community that encouraged spiritual union. As with all organizations the mind cannot cope with simplicity and eventually truth is sacrificed on the alters of man’s ego. Today, we have seen the insurgence of another deity that rules as well as governs the very heart of all mankind. It is what we call ‘The God of Paper’. Rules and regulations eventually corrode the heart of man leaving one feeling a sense of incompleteness in service to God and all that is pure, whole and complete. 

Many of us who work as light workers today sense a deep connection with Atlantis. In fact, many of us have had a previous life experience of serving as priests or priestesses in the temple. Many light workers have also shared their real sense of sadness at the fall of Atlantis and its richness benefiting all who sought nirvana. The fall of Atlantis was indeed the beginning of the end for those of us who gave our minds and our hearts to the Light. There was I believe a spiritual collective of minds and those of us who agreed to serve Love and Light and address the imbalance caused by the fall of Atlantis agreed to return into this incarnation as Therapeutae, serving the ‘I AM PRESENCE.’ 

In the time of the Pharaohs, the priests were dedicated in their service to their spiritual leader. When a Pharaoh died, it was expected that the priests would surrender their life and accompany their master to face a living death. This idea of enforced slavery to God is beyond all comprehension. We are invited to accept a personal invitation and only a few remain true to their calling. Many agree to follow the Master Jesus but when the tough gets going for them they abandon all connections and turn away to serve the mind, their ego. It takes real discipline to remain in one’s heart and avoid the ego. Many learned scholars who found inner enlightenment in God’s presence also enjoyed the adulation and all that this entailed. They generated followers who fed their ego instead of redirecting the praise to God. Being a light worker in the 21st century can be no different to that of the priests and priestesses in the time of the Mayans or the Pharaohs. If we remain steadfast in our calling and nurture our hearts with solace in the presence of Jesus, then angels will come and administer to all our needs.

We know from our wide experience of living life in this modern world that there are times when we know to be true that those ‘who shout out the loudest’ are inevitably heard’. Why? Because they never give in to an inferior service. If we as light workers wish to be heard then we have to demonstrate our core values not by ranting and raving but by connecting with the teachings of the ancient Essenes and those demonstrated by Jesus. We have to exemplify love in our daily lives. Through our persistent efforts of sharing love and light will we allow Jesus change lives? It is well worth remembering that it is not the messenger who is important but the message that they bring to our hearts. 

For the best part of fifty years, as a Catholic Christian I allowed my head to dominate my heart and in all that time I realize that I distanced myself from a loving God. I gave permission to those appointed by God to convince me that serving God was more about adhering to specific rules and regulations. In my naivety I believed that the appointed representatives of God were speaking God’s truth. I have since come to the realization that the man interfered with God’s message to his people and replaced love and light with fear, guilt, shame for daring to be different in the presence of God. As another saying goes, ‘give man an inch and he takes a yard’. Again, man’s ego always got in the way of him hearing God speak a simple message of love to His children. Instead of falling in and out of love with the messenger, we should never loose sight of the message. 

A deep rooted ache remains in the heart of man because the pain experienced in their former incarnation as priests and priestesses is ready to explode pure love and light to all who are willing to receive. The world is the equivalent of the ancient Temple and we are invited to serve the world by sharing only the purest love of detachment. 

In my work as a therapist and pastoral counselor, I am regularly challenged when I meet up with fellow light workers who say that they have returned into this incarnation to make amends for past lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is my belief that as we have agreed to return to facilitate the return of Christ Consciousness –Sananda Jesus invites us to be His hands; His feet and His beating heart to a world where the Divine has already been compromised BY man’s ego. To say that we have come back to make amends or pay the price for past misdemeanors is nothing other than pure ego. I believe that we have agreed to come back not with negativity or past life issues but bring into this life experience all the positive life experiences and the wisdom we have acquired in other lifetimes. That wealth of positive experience can only be for the good of all mankind. To say that the opposite is true is to interfere with the ascension process thus keeping the world in an unhealthy negative mindset. 


It is also a significant time for the many Therapeutia or Light Workers/Therapists who once lived as Essenes and who were trained by the Master Jesus and Magdalene both in Egypt and at Mount Carmel. Many of us made a firm commitment that we would return to prepare our brothers and sisters for the second coming of the New Christ. As part of our Sacred Contract, we all agreed to reincarnate in this lifetime. As members of the Essenic Communities in Sinai, Alexandria in Egypt and Mount Carmel in Jerusalem, we knew already what was expected of us and without any hesitation, we all made a firm commitment to return as Therapists in service to the Master Jesus to hold the ‘Divine Light’ in our hearts thus facilitating the transference from 3rd to 6th dimensional healing energy for those willing to embrace the final stages for their Ascension process. Sananda Jesus invited many to work with Him but not all have remained loyal to that commitment for whatever reason. Like the ten lepers who were healed by Jesus, when only one returned, Jesus asked, ‘Where are the other nine’? Humanity can be our greatest teacher and we thankfully have the free will to choose. 

I became a Bride of Sananda several years ago when I was empowered by God to shed the skins of my former religious family (Catholic Church) and embrace a solitary spiritual life depending totally upon God, not man’s interpretation of God. I accepted the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi and the Great Saint Theresa of Avilla as one of the main influences that would leave a lasting impression on my soul.  

Saint Theresa of Avilla, has written extensively about Spirituality and in one of her greatest works, the ‘Interior Castle,’ she makes one thing absolutely certain for anyone interested in embracing the spiritual life as a Mystical Bride of Jesus, that they are willing to undergo positive change so that they succeed. She strongly advises that we enter the first room of their Interior Castle (our soul) and that we are indeed willing to experience the crucifixion of our beloved ego, or head center. Without that experience, the initiate will not progress spiritually as they will lack the essential requirements and skills to commit to their spiritual journey. The ultimate experience is awesome, deeply humbling and yet spiritually challenging and certainly not an experience for the faint hearted.   

The Master Jesus and the Angelic Realms guide my heart to welcome those whom they send as willing participants or initiates as potential ‘Spiritual Brides’ in service with the Master Jesus. In order to facilitate the spiritual preparation for new initiates or students hoping to become a qualified therapist in Essenic Energy Medicine, each new student must demonstrate sincerity, integrity, honesty and a love for developing a spiritual relationship with Sananda Jesus of the formation or training has undergone a complete overhaul in the past several years. The emphasis is more about empowering students embrace their heart, their greatest teachers and through the teachings of the Essenes, each student is enabled to actually re-programme their soul’s DNA using the techniques taught by the Essenes 8000 years ago and still as effective today as it was then. The course in Essenic energy medicine involves covering all aspects of Spirituality, Holism, Mystical Marriage, Eco Spirituality and preparing oneself for Ascension with Jesus. The student bride is fully conversant with all aspects of Spiritual Healing, including how to incorporate angelic energies as given in the Angelic Healing Bagua to self heal as well as being provided with a solid grounding in self preservation, assertiveness, reclaiming, releasing and restoring energy. Again, the emphasis is more to do with nurturing a deeper spiritual life and a closer working relationship with Sananda Jesus, Magdalene, Mother Mary, the Angelic realms, Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits. Once the new student Bride of Sananda Jesus begins their initiation as a trainee therapist, they start a whole new spiritual way of life that is lived out each day in the presence and service with the Master to God and for the healing of all mankind. 

Many Light Workers who have already heard the call from the Master Jesus, Magdalene and Mother Mary to pursue their spiritual journey as qualified practitioners in Essenic Energy Medicine. During their training, Magdalene and the Archangels invite each student therapist to a personalized training induction whereby they instruct them in the delivery of the therapy through Sean. The therapy involves the anointing of the hands and feet with Spikenard oils and once they are applied to both areas, the Christ energies enters the soul to honor the Divine Holy Father Mother God within the new Therapist. The Therapist’s graduation day is one of solemnity and celebration as each new therapist receives the official recognition from Source, that they are now welcomed as one who is in Divine service to God but who has also agreed to become a Spiritual Bride of Sananda Jesus. During the closing ceremony, each candidate is given the Tau Symbol of Peace to wear around his or her neck by Sean. 

The spiritual training preparing therapists who wish to become a Spiritual Bride of Sananda choose to do so of their own volition. They realize that this journey is not taken lightly as it will entail a spiritual diet of daily prayer, meditation and regular spiritual retreats to remain spiritually alive. The new Bride of Jesus has the ongoing support from her new spiritual family, the Tau Tree of Life Healing Interfaith Community (the qualified Therapists of the Academy). Unlike the nuns who choose to opt for the enclosed life, the new bride of Jesus has the freedom from restrictive dogma, rules and regulations and is free to plan their own spiritual pathway with support. There is no restriction imposed to leave one’s family or friends. However, discipline is required to safeguard the integrity of the spiritual commitment made to Jesus. This can be one of the greatest tests for any new Sananda Bride as when the exhilaration has passed, dry rot can soon set in to corrode the spirit causing periods of deep disquiet resulting in a new Bride abandoning the Master through lack of determination and perseverance. As Jesus said to His disciples and followers over the centuries, ‘Many are called, but only few remain.’ Hence, the importance of nurturing a spiritual diet of daily prayer and as Brides of Jesus, we daily recite the Morning and Evening Communions reconnecting our minds, hearts and souls with that of Jesus, Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings of Love. 

On a more positive note, there is an old saying ‘that what goes around always comes around full circle’. I believe that society is changing and many are seeking refuge in ‘old ways’ that have been tried and tested and which have served them well. Today, many of us who represent Sananda Jesus in our work as light workers are listening to the heart –our Christ centre. In fact, there is a growing army of devotees who are also adhering to the simple messages of Mother Mary. She calls us to reflect and pray earnestly for the safe return of her Son, Jesus. Mother Mary has appeared to many in this lifetime to be eco warriors and safeguard the world we now live on. When we look out of our bedroom windows what do we really see? We see that in the name of God mankind are slowly destroying each other for land, power, greed, control etc. is this what 21st century man has to leave as a legacy for Future generations? The choice is ours to make. 

I believe that when our heart is fully open to the mind of God we will perceive the simple message that is directed to our heart. As light workers, we have a primordial duty to see beyond mere words and connect with the heart centre, our God centre. To be a Bride for Sananda Jesus is to embark on another journey, a sacred journey embracing all that there IS. 

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