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Set My People Free From Religious Oppression

Set My People Free From Religious Oppression
Article by Brother Sean

God says this to all our hearts today, ‘Desolate is the whole world laid desolate, because mankind does not reflect on the Divine in their hearts.’

What is this saying to our hearts today?
Could it be that we have lost sight of who God actually is by adhering more to the written or spoken word from our religious leaders instead of going back into our hearts and listening to the same small voice of God?
Or have we become like sheep without a shepherd walking aimlessly in life without clarity, integrity and genuine conviction based not the truth that already is within our soul?
Seekers of truth ask these questions:
All religions and faith have some element of truth and knowledge.

Why is it that we are more divided?
Why is it that we are unhealthier?
Why is there increase in war and killing?
Why is the overall condition of humanity worsening?
Millions of faithful followers call on who they believe to be the Creator daily through prayer and positive meditation. Prayer and positive meditation has been proven to save lives in the medical field. Irregardless of personal religious dogma, collectively this energy should be producing extraordinary change in the condition of this world. So has humanity lost contact with the Supreme Being?
Over 519 billion believe in a Supreme Being. Let’s say 4% of these people represent the enlightened and benevolent, and the rest of the masses are unlearned in their faith and are simply following tradition. You still have over 207 million followers of these faiths sincerely meditating, praying, petitioning, lamenting 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 
Has God stop listening to us in our insanity?
What should our response be as seekers of truth representing an interfaith community be?
God is waiting for people to stop waiting to be fed and grow up emotionally and spiritually. When the people start to walk on there own two feet they can then teach their souls to fly hand in hand with the divine. Humanity are like birds in the nest of 'feed me' mentality and the mother is having problems pushing them out of the nest because they like to huddle together under the wing.
Man not God created religion. God is a spiritual reality not a religious one. When religious people start serving others then they are serving God, 2,000 years after Jesus humanity still doesn't get it. God said 'It is not a one-way street'.

Religion keeps people in separation from God.

Prayers have been heard but are humanity listening and then doing?

Last year the Lord said this about the religious.

'Ask him why he needs a man to hold his penis for him".

The seeker asks...........

"Why is it that we are more divided?"

Our response: Religion divides "Why is it that we are more unhealthy?"

Our response: Religion does not teach people how to heal the self.

"Why is there increase in war and killing?"

Our response: Wounded leaders that have not healed the self.

"Why is the overall condition of humanity worsening?"

Our response: People are not listening because their wants, needs and desires are more important to them then human rights, equality, divine love, spiritual and self development. In the NT it says that the only religion that God accepts is one that takes care of women, children, orphans and does not pollute the world.

Name me one religion that does the above? The Lord said “Christianity was never born it is still in the womb.”

Humanity has a wonderful mystical heritage. However, as soon as one mentions mysticism to many orthodox they run a mile. If religious people knew the truth there would probably be very few religious people. However, at least then people would be integrity and moved beyond the illusion of their perceptions. Then they might start seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open.

Our vision is to send Love and Healing to Israel-The Solar Plexus of the World. 

The vision of the Tau Community of Saint Francis is the same vision that God has continuously shared with mankind since the beginning of time. That vision is for all who believe in a loving selfless Being of Divine Love; unite as one family to sing and glorify the God through shared celebration of our core values as children of the same loving God.

That same vision demands total respect of each other’s cultural and religious differences and that ‘politics, human ego and agendas’ are not brought into that spiritual partnership but left outside. We are invited to sing the same praises from hearts that reflect what our personal beliefs are and that we embrace the Divine within each other not through dogma, outdated religious hatred that instigates separation and isolation around the table of Love and Light.

In truth, we are all asked to leave behind anything that impedes that spiritual unity so that the family of God is totally one in service to the Divine. As with Taize some 50 years ago, the cry within the Christian community for healing reconciliation within the many divisions were heard by God through one man and his followers when Brother Rogere established the Taize Christian Family of monks representing all groups within the Christian family to unite and love the same God through shared worship daily.

When the Founder of Tau, Brother Sean entered monastic life as a young inexperienced nursing monk in the mid sixties, he heard the same call from God to pray not for Christian unity but for total unity of all religious groups to stop their religious indifferences and come together as one family of God to love God within each person regardless of religious persuasion.

In 2006, Lord Kutumi, (Saint Francis), spoke to Sean’s heart to establish the Tau Healing Community based on the ancient teachings of the Essenes especially the Johannine Essenes of Mount Carmel invoking the assistance of the Angelic realms and Mother Earth to reconnect hearts and minds with God. Saint John and Magdalene formed this group with spiritual guidance and mentorship from Jesus. The core values of this branch of Essenes was more about sharing God’s love through communal fellowship without the restrictions of the Nazarene Essenes whose philosophy of guilt, fear and negativism permeated the teachings of the early Christians under the leadership of St. Peter down through the Catholic Church today.

God has spoken to us through the modern day prophets such as Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul 2 and even Princess Diana of Wales before her untimely death.

Our response is that we have a duty to not listen to our heads/ our egos but embrace the heart and soul representing the voice of God.

The Tau Tree of Life Healing Community is one such avenue that we can use to unite and join one another as brothers and sisters of the same Loving, selfless, reverent God who asks us to embrace unconditional love without the baggage of religion and dogma, leaving mankind shackled and spiritually impoverished. Our vision is to establish small healing communities in every village, town and country where there are religious tensions and facilitate a meeting for minds and hearts to discuss openly religious intolerance and indifferences through shared spiritual values uniting one family-God’s family. 

The members of the Tau Healing Community consist of ordinary men and women who are totally committed to their spiritual pathway and who meet regularly for spiritual meditation, healing, fellowship, laughter and conclude with a shared meal celebrating God’s love, thanking God for their prosperity abundance as well as prayer for peace, sending love to Israel, the solar plexus of the world.

Members live in their own homes with several members choosing to live a solitary life (in a cloister without a monastery) and are focussed more on living a spiritual life, detached from materialism, negativism and religious indifference and intolerance. The members of the Tau community are passionate about global issues as spiritual eco warriors for God and believe that as we are responsible for the survival of our planet, we as Light Bringers of Hope, have a duty of care even for those who are spiritually impoverished in need of practical support without judgement or having to convert to a philosophy that is alien to their core beliefs. All religious groups are welcome to share their love without fear of recrimination or rejection. Most of the membership comes from many of the world’s religious family where they too have been rejected by their religious family for daring to be different and not conform to an outdated way of life that is no longer spiritually alive or receptive to God’s Holy Spirit of Truth.

Membership is open to everyone. However, we do invite new members to make a small contribution towards the admin costs, as we do not have paid staff, as we are all volunteers.

As Light Bringers of Peace and Hope for all mankind, we should not depend totally upon Politicians or Diplomats to facilitate this. We as ambassadors in service to Source, should take seriously our sacred contracts and instead of sitting on the fence debating what to do, let us rise up together and like David with Goliath, trust not in our human resources but upon the Power and Majesty of God working through ordinary men and women who are ready to do something Beautiful for God.

So, when you next hear that religion is the sole cause for the world’s crisis, maybe you are right and again, maybe there is scope to challenge that statement. I accept that ‘Religion’ is man made! I believe that our ancestors in their naivety they desperately needed a focus for their devotion and we know that everything made by God would have become an object of sorts for veneration. Today, despite the progress that man has made in the sciences including the technological arena, we are ashamed by the way members within the global village disrespect the Divine within the other person.

So, I believe that as with all groups made up of human beings, there are good, and the not so good that enjoy fellowship of sorts within the religious family. In this generation, we have seen how politics, hidden agendas of paramilitary groups infiltrated religious families to perpetuate their vendetta against the opposition but used ‘religion’ as being the sole cause for that conflict. If we take Northern Ireland as an example, see how the cries of God’s people have been answered and that despite over fifty years of strive, death and imposed occupation, the ‘power of prayer’ and the generosity of a God loving people triumphed over the greatest of adversities that was to signal HOPE for an imprisoned people. Eventually, it was discovered that it was not technically ‘religion’ that caused the real problems but man trying to exert his will and evil agenda through the infiltration of a religious family trying to please their God.

In most recent times, the world has seen the real face of evil resurface in many of the world’s trouble hotspots like Israel, the Middle East, Africa, India and Pakistan to name but a few. The most horrific evidence of how evil can touch the lives of ordinary and yet innocent lives was when the twin towers in New York were blasted from the landscape before our very eyes. That was a day when the world had a rude awakening to what depths man will go too in order to further hate over love-God’s love for his/her people. Religion is once again misquoted and instead of blaming religion, we should question why so many fundamentalists are encouraged by mainstream religious groups to desecrate the God of Love from man’s heart. Within certain religious groups, unknown to the majority of law abiding believers, there are core groups who defy reason and logic for daring to use the name of religion to persecute others in the name of God or Allah. How evil is that?  To safeguard the integrity of a religious group be it Catholic, Jewish or Islam, religious leaders have a duty to safeguard the members form ‘fundamentalists’ who infiltrate their religious family and use it for the spread of hate not love. If God is a God of Love, then how can anyone say that such atrocities are God’s will? Until such drastic actions are taken by the membership of such groups, then the name religion will continually attacked by society and generate fear in the minds and hearts of all who actively engage with religion.

In establishing the Tau tree of Life Healing Interfaith Community for Light Workers in 2007, our aim was to unite and support each other in the face of great atrocities whether these acts of pure unadulterated evil be directed towards mankind, Mother Earth or the pursuance of religious intolerance, our first duty is to acknowledge that God lives in all things both animate and inanimate. In the words of Damphada, ‘Hate is not overcome by hate – Hate is overcome by Love.

The symbol of the Tau Community is one of Peace for all regardless of ethnicity, colour, and sexual orientation, religious or cultural differences. As we are all created in the image and likeness of God, then we have an inherent duty to safeguard this sacred promise by ensuring that we aim to see the face of God in everyone, anyone, everything or anything without resort to violence.

As a Light Bringer of Hope and Peace to our troubled world, we take heart by not engaging with the world’s dramas but remain detached from a head response and engage more with our hearts in solving the world’s problems through daily prayer. We know too that The Holy Father Mother God is deeply saddened by the way we on earth conduct ourselves when we engage in such atrocities towards each other and to planet earth and the animal kingdom.

The Holy Spirit of God will have the final say about man’s fall from grace, ‘Desolate is the whole world laid desolate because no one stops to think of God in his/her heart.’ As Jesus said, ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord.’  Let us remember this and live lives that are worthy of being the Holy Grail’ wherein the Godhead lives, moves and breathes each day.

Like Martin Luther King, his dream was that ‘all mankind be accepted as one.’ Today, you and I can make God's will a reality by uniting our minds and hearts to listen to Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, who inspires us achieve God's plan that all will be set free from oppressiveness, injustice, poverty and disease!

Those that waste money will want money.
Those that waste energy will want energy.
Those that waste life will want life.
Those that waste human resources will want human resources.
Those that waste food will want food.
Those that waste natural resources will want natural resources.
Those that waste do not preserve anything.
The sands shift under the feet of those that have not built their lives on strong foundations.
All will pay the price.

Are you listening?


Why not come and join me on Livestream where we embrace the healing energies of the Risen Cosmic Christ and Magdalene to reactivate the soul’s DNA to self heal.
Led by Brother Sean from 12 midnight (GMT); 07.00pm (EST) 4 personal and global Peace and Insterspiritual Unity.


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