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History of the Tau Symbol 4 Peace

The History of the Tau Symbol

The Tau symbol was given to Saint Francis was back in the 12th century by God as a symbol of Peace, Reconciliation and Unity for all God’s children from all religions to love each other. The symbol represented the cross of Jesus crucified. It has been noted that there is also a resemblance to that of the monk’s habit with their arms outstretched to God in prayer. Saint Francis used the symbol of the Tau Cross as his personal signature and wherever he stayed throughout his life. Saint Francis would have the Tau symbol painted as a commemoration of his visits assuring others that when worn; the Tau symbol would offer one greater protection from illness and disease. This was continued throughout his life.  Within the Franciscan Fraternity of monks, the Tau symbol resembled the cross of Jesus Christ and indeed the wearing of the monk’s habit bears a resemblance to the Tau Cross. The monk stands with arms outstretched –thereby assuming the shape of the Tau Cross. Saint Francis demonstrated this to his fellow friars. At the very beginning of his work, caring for the leper and the outcasts of society of his day, St. Francis had seen that the Tau cross had been worn by the followers of Saint Anthony as a means of protection against disease. In wearing the Tau symbol, we can also imitate Saint Francis by acknowledging his love of nature, the animals as well as his burning desire for a compassionate, loving and forgiving God.  (The National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi. San Francisco. USA (1998-2006). Franciscan Friars Third Order Regular).  

A modern day concept re: Tau symbol of Saint Francis by Brother Sean 

Here we have a sacred symbol that genuinely represents not only a compassionate God to His/Her children but a sign representing peace, unity, wholeness, unconditional forgiveness all mankind, especially souls who commit their lives to God as a Light Bringer of that selfless healing love. Since the Advent of the Harmonic Convergence several years ago, light workers are facing many challenges in their spiritual lives as well as in their personal lives, leaving them feeling depleted in energy and at times, even isolated from family, friends, Church and God. So many who started off well in their faith journey prior to this ‘Energy Shift of Consciousness.’ This ‘energy shift,’ has indeed separated the ‘wolves from the sheep’ and left the aspirant in search of wholeness and sanctity in God’s ministry of service as Light Workers totally ‘washed ashore’ and left feeling confused, disheartened and sensing that their struggles are too much to bear personally. Momentarily, many have lifted their hearts to worldly comforts and pleasures for an easy fix or, a temporary period of respite from their daily struggles of facing fear, inner core issues that need to be faced, healed and released by the love of Jesus. Undeterred, Lord Kutumi (Saint Francis) heard the prayers of the genuine soul seekers searching for truth and delivered an important message to a small group of committed light workers in service to Jesus. In July   
Several therapists of the Sean Bradley Academy were given a vision from Saint Francis in July 2006, inviting them to establish an interfaith community across the world to establish a support framework for all in ministry as Therapists, Carers and others in service to God’s people. 
Sacred symbols and signs are just another reminder from the Angelic Realms, that in every situation, as evident over the centuries, God raises up, not the learned or academic to perform His/Her miracles of transformation and deliverance, but uses ordinary men and women like Saint Francis and many of the Saints, to do the ordinary things exceptionally well for God. In our time, as we prepare for the Dawn of the New Aquarius on 21st December 2012, we are aware that their will be a dramatic shift not only in our soul’s perception of God but also, in the world’s consciousness. In saying that, many souls will have an opportunity to embrace God’s love for them. On that note, we know from our daily encounters with fellow light workers, clients, members of our family and society at large, there are far too many who have chosen to ‘Spiritually Shut Down,’ to any suggestion of spiritual growth and development . When they hear the name of Jesus, or and God, they run for their life from practical spirituality.  
Despite opposition from peers and members of the established Religions, we have a duty to reach out in the name of God’s love not by preaching ‘Hell Fire and Damnation,’ but in wearing of the Tau Symbol, we are saying more to the world about God’s love for them than all the preaching and teaching. The call of God to our hearts today is to embrace all brothers and sisters in Love and by embracing an ancient symbol like that of the Tau Cross; we are used by God as conduits for an outpouring of Divine Love. The wearing of the Tau symbol becomes a ‘Spiritual Bypass,’ whereby all faith beliefs and none can access the Throne of God’s love, healing and redemption as a child of God. 
Society appears somewhat reticent of engaging with anything that invites anyone to embrace change. There is an innate fear to step out of one’s comfort zone. Many in our society are happy to remain complacent with their lot. Sadly, by continuing to remain a ‘closed book,’ we remain in denial to our Divine truth. In a recent TV series about inviting raw recruits representing several different types in society today, including a lesbian, drug addict, promiscuous sex addict to lap dancer, to embrace Christianity over three weeks. I was not only deeply challenged but saddened by the various scenarios involving the Christian Leaders and the new recruits. The main leader hailed from a Bible Evangelical background who ‘quoted chapter and verse from the Bible to the members leaving them feeling awkward and defenceless when challenged. What was deeply provoking for me as a Christian who embraces all faiths was an awareness of the stubbornness born from idleness and pride that is wary of anything to do with taking a leap of faith. The volunteers whilst knowing they were invited to consider Christianity as an alternative lifestyle, were adamant not to let go of any of their preconceived ideas and yet, an unwillingness to embrace their truth as a child of God, regardless of ‘Religion.’   

The wearing of the Tau symbol can activate an interest by the observer and out of sheer curiosity; they can challenge the wearer of the Tau cross to explain what it is, etc. Since I first started wearing the Tau Symbol, many have asked me to explain it as they found it deeply challenging.  Let me share with you several examples. 

·     One challenge seems to affect those who say, ‘they represent the light,’ but in my honest opinion, their hearts were far from the truth.

·     In the past, I came across many light workers at Mind, Body and Spirit Events who asked me not to come near them as the thing around my neck (the Tau Cross) was burning their heart! Yet, when I observed their stand, they had statues of angels, lighted candles, etc but hid under the books, were the Tarot cards and reference to the Occult. The burning of their hearts was a direct challenge from Saint Francis for them to return to their God………

·       Whilst running spiritual retreats by the Red Sea in Egypt, several of the Muslim waiters were really curious about the ‘Thing,’ I was wearing around my neck.  After sharing with them about the Tau symbol and what it represented as a piece of sacred wood, as a symbol of peace, etc. they asked for a Tau cross not only for themselves but for their family and friends.

·     Friends and clients, who were struggling with their situations or illness, were asked if they would like me to send them the Tau symbol. The feedback from them was enormously positive as those affected by a cancer related illness, experienced a deep inner peace that empowered them to face their future with hope.  Those left struggling with financial or difficult situations, also noted a change in their outlook from being negative to sensing a positive energy within them.  

As a Light Bringer of God’s Peace to a modern world, we are painfully aware that the vast majority of mankind have lost sight of the ‘key player’ in their lives, namely our Holy Father Mother God. There are too many reasons for this here but one thing is for sure that there is an insatiable spiritual hunger that is not been addressed by many of the religions. So many Churches and religious groups are more focussed on spreading their interpretation of the Bible, or other Holy Books, leaving many souls confused or alienating them from a God of love, only because they don’t meet their criteria of acceptance. 

Throughout history, when man became disillusioned with a Church, he set up his own religious group to pacify his ego. Today, there are over 2.200 divisions within the Christian Family alone not accounting for the many divisions already sprouting up within Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam to name only a few. So many of the world’s religious leaders today are more egos driven and politically correct that they have lost all sight of God. As Jesus once said to His disciples, ‘they offer to God a lip service and whose hearts are very far from God.’

At soul level, we who have stayed the course and who have remained true to our Sacred Contract, know that we agreed to return to this most difficult of incarnations as light bearers for the Master Jesus-the Christ. Many of us have been commissioned by God through the intercessions of Mother Mary, Lord Jesus and Saint Francis to use the ‘Tau Symbol’ as a practical means of sustaining one’s spiritual life in service to God through a life of daily prayer for the unification of all faiths and none. The healing energies of wearing the symbol I believe are activated when worn and especially when we raise our arms upwards and outwards like the Tau symbol in prayer.
Being a member of the Tau Community of Saint Francis is like joining a family of ‘soul mates’ who eventually become Friends for life.
"Hold back nothing of yourself for yourself, so that he who gives Himself totally to you may receive you totally." St. Francis. 

A recent channelled message from Sananda Jesus speaks a clear and simple message to all our hearts. “What you are doing here in this Centre of Light is something many will do in the days ahead. Therefore you hold a very great responsibility in your hands, and all that is done here must be clear for all to see. Never try to keep what you have found for yourselves. It has been given to you freely, therefore you must give it freely to those who ask and seek. You have done pioneering work; let others reap the benefit of your experience gladly and joyously. This is how this wonderful way of life will be speeded up, and more and more souls will live it and put it into practice until my kingdom is brought down on earth for all to see”. With love and many blessings, Sananda Jesus. 

The challenge for the world’s religions is to continue to make greater strides in unification, not division, of its members seeking a more peaceful unity that embraces all regardless of belief, where the members of all beliefs can come together and celebrate their love of the same, One, True and Eternal God of Peace. The vision of the Tau Community of Saint Francis depends on all light workers taking it to their own hearts and making it a reality. Society needs light workers of integrity and who better than all of us to unite as one family in God’s love and Light.  

To conclude, we join the Master Jesus in our daily prayers, and say with Him, “Father, I pray that they will be one as You and I are one.” 

For further details please visit  or write to Brother Sean Bradley, The Tau Community of St. Francis, Chapel Gap, Storth, Milnthorpe. Cumbria. LA7 7JL.
Why not come and join me on Livestream where we embrace the healing energies of the Risen Cosmic Christ and Magdalene to reactivate the soul’s DNA to self heal. 
Ledd by Brother Sean from 12 midnight (GMT); 07.00pm (EST) 4 personal and global Peace and Insterspiritual Unity.

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